Gothic surrealism by Galen Valle

The Tour ©2017 Galen Valle. All rights reserved. Gothic surrealism with a tinge of Tim Burton.

The Tour – The saga continues. We last left our heroine (Madame Leechworthy) and her minion (The Evil Penguin of Death) standing in a rain storm in a foul smelling peat bog miles from the nearest village. The Evil Penguin of Death was becoming agitated (you don’t want that) and Madame Leechworthy was becoming tipsy and giggling randomly for no apparent reason after more than a few swigs from the flask of absinthe she kept hidden away in her undergarments.

After what seemed like days (but was actually 17 minutes), the taxi finally arrived. The Evil Penguin of Death is happy now (you can tell because he is facing in his ‘happy’ direction), Madame Leechworthy is a little dizzy (and daydreaming about cod) and all is right with the world as they make their way to their destination. But what is their destination? Is there a EVIL PLAN afoot? Stay tuned as the drama unfolds…

The first chapter of the saga of Madame Leechworthy and The Evil Penguin of Death is here.

Credits:  fantastic model stock from Sabrina T. photographed by ToneArt. The luggage is from Tigers-stock  and the Evil Penguin of Death is from the one-and-only Eve Livesey . The taxi is from RosalineStock and the cart is from MontvalentStock.

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