DWR – Retro Robots and Futuristic Cyborg

Cyborg Art by Galen Valle featuring Ashley Joncas

DWR ©2019 Galen Valle. All rights reserved. DWR – Futuristic cyborg and retro robots team up to save the planet… or destroy it? Anyone who likes vintage science fiction TV might be able to figure out why I called it “DWR”.

Photo manipulation featuring Ashley Joncas. The abandoned factory photo is from Malleni-Stock and the other photo resources (helicopter and robots) are from Morguefile.

Ashley Joncas is a hybrid of all walks of design. She is a photographer, model, designer and artist who is on the cutting edge of just about everything that is current and creative. You can check out her website here and CXIII Magazine here. Many thanks to Ashley for letting me do this.

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