The Podspawn of Saurus Prime


The Podspawn of Saurus Prime is a  (rather odd) abstract surrealist tangent of illustrations and digital mixed media I went off on in 2013. I’m archiving and consolidating the series here. They can all be purchased as prints at Redbubble – although I can’t imagine why you’d want one.

Hmamauahhgtst’s Mum

Hmamauahhgtst’s Mum – An authentic, un-retouched, exclusive family photo of the intergalactically renowned Saurasin fashion designer Hmamauahhgtst. Pictured are Hmamauahhgtst’s mum Eunice, and (in the egg sack) Hmamauahhgtst (the blue spawnling) and his evil twin sisters Jodi and Victoria.

Roses Are Red


Roses Are Red . … so I think we can confidently say these aren’t roses. This is part of my The Podspawn of Saurus Prime series. Surrealist digital mixed media illustration.



Harvest – November is the month in which many people around the world celebrate the harvest. Where I live it is Space Month on Discovery Science, so I see this as a total win/win. Harvest Surrealism.

Walking on Sunshine – Alien Catwalk


Walking on Sunshine – Well… it’s Fashion Week again in the Saurus system. I think it’s time that the truth be told about alien abductions. They don’t want to breed with us. They don’t want to run invasive tests on us by probing around in our undercrackers.

Aliens (Saurasin pod creatures at least), need models for their latest designs. Since Saurasins are pretty much butt naked all the time (this is a scientific fact) they think of fashion not as something to wear themselves, but as installation art. This is an exclusive photo of Hmamauahhgtst’s (pronounced: Hmamauahhgtst) new winter line. Hmamauahhgtst is the top designer on Saurus Prime and is the designer that all the other designers follow – but you already knew that.

Digital mixed media with digital painting and model stock from the always beautiful Tanit Isis photographed by Stelios Alevropoulos.