Art for October

Art for October – A selection of art prints. October is a month of change. It marks autumn in the Northern hemisphere and spring in the Southern hemisphere. Halloween is a favorite holiday for both western children and adults – and among modern Pagans it’s considered a Sabbat to honor the ancestors and begin the dark time of the year. More»

Art for Kids – The Week of Pointless Scribbling

The Week of Pointless Scribbling is a set of illustrations I created as a series of one a day for a week. It’s mostly meant to appeal to kids (of all ages) and as a style example for children’s book illustrations and art for kids. Unlike most of my ‘phases’, I quite like this style and will continue to use it every now and then. I think that (with the right author and the right story) this style would work great in an offbeat book for kids. More»

The Podspawn of Saurus Prime

The Podspawn of Saurus Prime is a (rather odd) abstract surrealist tangent of illustrations and digital mixed media I went off on in 2013. I’m archiving and consolidating the series here. They can all be purchased as prints at Redbubble – although I can’t imagine why you’d want one. More»

Society6 Shop

Framed New Media Art at my Society6 Shop Check out a fantastic selection of gallery quality art prints, greeting cards, iPhone cases, t-shirts and other great products at my Society6 shop. More»