Everything Evolves – An Urban Fantasy Environmental Awareness Project

Earth Day: The Face of Climate Change

I put this collection of urban fantasy images together for Earth day 2013.  I’m calling it ‘Everything Evolves – An Urban Fantasy Environmental Awareness Project’  because I plan to add more to it as often as I can. Creating and viewing the artwork helps keep the reality of global climate change fresh in my mind – and I find myself doing a lot more of the little things that we can all do every day to help move towards a solution.

“For many, climate change can often seem remote and hazy – a vague and complex problem far off in the distance that our grandchildren may have to solve.” – Earth Day Network

Everything Evolves - Climate Change

Creating environmental awareness focused urban fantasy art forces me to think about the problem when I probably would never give it too much thought. Hopefully, viewing it might help do the same for you.

I’m not much of a campaigner and one my least favorite places to be is on a soapbox. Like most artists, I express myself through my art and let people interpret it in their own way. Fantasy art (especially urban fantasy art) is one of my favorite genres – I escape in it, I get lost in it – and I try to create images of beings and realms that might provide a small catalyst for others to do the same. I try to keep my work on the edge of  the familiar and aspects of the ‘real world’ often seep in.  I generally try to depict a fantasy alternate reality that is much like our own in many ways. I like to think of it as optimistic. My fantasy world isn’t perfect and the characters aren’t perfect either – they are often flawed and damaged, but they seem to be working out (or trying to work out) their issues. We should all do that. Even the huge global issues that we won’t be alive to experience the results of.

If the human race exterminates itself, all of our fantasy worlds die along with us. Do what you can, so that all of the marvelous worlds that we have created will continue to live, grow and evolve in the imaginations of of future generations. Earth Day 2013 is on Monday, April 22 – and you can learn more about how to participate in your area at EarthDay.org and #faceofclimate on Twitter.

Everything Evolves  Urban Fantasy Environmental Awareness Project Gallery:


Urban Fairy - Urban Fantasy Art by Galen Valle

Urban Fairy – Everything evolves. The model stock is from xstockx on DeviantArt. The first in my ‘Everything Evolves’ environmental awareness series. Urban Fairy ©Galen Valle. All rights reserved. Full image credits.

Urban Dragon Slayer - urban fantasy art

Urban Dragon SlayerThe second in my ‘Everything Evolves’ environmental awareness series.The model stock is from Marcus RanumUrban Dragon Slayer ©2013 Galen Valle. All rights reserved. Full image credits.

Urban Mermaid - Everything Evolves Urban Fantasy

Urban Mermaid – Urban fantasy art. The third in my ‘Everything Evolves’ environmental awareness series. The model stock is from Marcus Ranum. Model: Sarah Ellis. Urban Mermaid ©Galen Valle. All rights reserved.

Urban Human - Everything Evolves by Galen Valle

Urban Human ©2013 Galen Valle. All rights reserved. Urban fantasy art. The fourth in my ‘Everything Evolves’ environmental awareness series created for Earth Day 2013. The model stock is from TwilitesMuse. Full image credits.

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