Art for Kids – The Week of Pointless Scribbling

The Week of Pointless Scribbling

The Week of Pointless Scribbling is a set of illustrations I created as a series of one a day for a week. It’s mostly meant to appeal to kids (of all ages) and as a style example for children’s book illustrations and art for kids. Unlike most of my ‘phases’, I quite like this style and will continue to use it every now and then. I think that (with the right author and the right story) this style would work great in an offbeat book for kids. All of these illustrations are available as prints at RedBubble and FineArtAmerica. They are also available with a rights managed license (for commercial use) at


Feels Like Monday Abstract Portrait

Feels Like Monday – An abstract portrait scribble. Done on a Monday. Before coffee. So shoot me. Day one of  ‘The Week of Pointless Scribbling’ .

Abstract Portrait – Totally Tuesday

Totally Tuesday – Another abstract portrait scribble. Done on a Tuesday. Whoohooodeedoo. Tuesday is happy magic fun day. Day two of whatever the hell it is that I’m doing.

Abstract Portrait – What? A Wednesday?

What? A Wednesday?  – Wednesday’s abstract portrait scribble. Day three of ‘The Week of Pointless Scribbling’. Hump day and feelin’ evil.

Abstract Portrait – Thu Thu Thu Thursday

Thu Thu Thu Thursday –  Abstract portrait for day four of ‘The Week of Pointless Scribbling’ . Among my people, it is an ancient custom on certain Thursdays, when the planets and stars are aligned in no particular order, to put our hair in wild flowing pigtails, strip naked, and run through the forest howling like rabid mating wombats. She is about to do that. Probably.

Uniformly Different Friday Pop Art

Uniformly Different Friday – Day five of ‘The Week of Pointless Scribbling’. Friday is vegan corn dog day! This was done before they all had beards. I wonder if hipsters know they are clones invented by corporations.

“The ‘counter’ in counter-culture now refers to the counter at a clothing store.” – unknown

Saturday Seaside Abstract Pop Art

Saturday Seaside – Day six (the home stretch) of ‘The Week of Pointless Scribbling’.  A girl and her dog. Best friends at sunset. Awwwwww…

Stars on Sunday – Art for Kids

Stars on Sunday -The last ‘episode’ in ‘The Week of Pointless Scribbling’. .Mission accomplished, I think.